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At Alchemy, we’re all about celebrating craft in an approachable way. Craft wine, beer, cider, cheese, cured meats and more. We’ve worked with vitners, brewers and cheesemongers from around the world to purvey the best possible products for Alchemy’s tables. Here classic standards meet new twists. A little familiar. A little unexpected. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to this, or if you’re in our trade. There’s no pressure here. If you want to be educated, we’ll teach you. If you don’t, carry on and salute!


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Ownership & Chef

Alchemy started out as an idea between Anne and Nicole in the backyard of a New Orleans Wine Bar. Spend a minute with anybody who works here and you’ll know what we’re all about. Affordable, place driven delicious wines, beers and ciders made by families who care a great deal about what it is they’re putting in the bottle. Grab your own bottle out of our coolers or off our racks with over 75+ wines and 50+ beers to choose from. The possibilities are endless.


Anne is a co-owner, operator and level one Sommelier for Alchemy Wine & Beer. She is an accomplished traveler with global experience, having been to 13 countries and married to her husband in two of them (Laos and Canada). Anne was born and raised in the Village of Hamburg and couldn’t be more excited to invest back into the business community. She loves ice cream, her two kids {* husband too } and wishes she could have her own talk show.


Nicole is a co-owner, operator and level one Sommelier for Alchemy Wine & Beer. Her background and experience allow her to get along with nearly everyone she meets. Nicole is no stranger to adventure: she lived in Italy for a short time and was once robbed while dancing in the streets of Salvador, Brazil. A western New York native, Nicole most recently lives in the Village of Hamburg with her husband and three children.


Marc Adams:

Marc Adams, a Buffalo native. Started cooking at 16 years old at Laughlin’s Bar and Grill in downtown Buffalo.  He attended Amherst Central High School. Studied at the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute; graduating with two associates degrees in both Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry Arts in 2016. After college he started work at the prestigious Buffalo Club as a line cook for a year; being promoted to sous chef for for 3 years. After leaving the buffalo club in May of 2020, he went on to be the Pastry Chef at Las Puertas. LP is tasting menu restaurant on Buffalo’s west side, serving modern Mexican cuisine. Marc now Brings the skills and techniques he has acquired to Hamburg as the next Executive Chef at Alchemy Wine and Beer.